Supported Living

Supported Living

we deliver person centred care to service users who may need intensive, medium or low level support and accommodation-based services

  • Independence is maximised irrespective of the Service Users’ present and future level of needs
  • Support and Care is paramount with specific focus on an enablement approach
  • Our service is of high quality with effectiveness and efficiency
  • Service Users are empowered to exercise choice and control within the community and in their own homes, through support and encouragement to develop their abilities to make choices coupled with the understanding of the responsibilities that accompany these choices
  • Our support avoids unnecessary restricting of a Service User’s independence to act or care for themselves in a holistic way, be it physical, social, and emotional, with the emphasis of ensuring that all proper Support and Care is given
  • Our care shows sensitivity, whilst being appropriate and designed to respect and be inclusive of anyone who would be eligible for Services

We offer flexible support to suit individual needs, this can be a few hours a day or 24 hour care. We also offer waking nights and night sits. We are able to support people who are supported by social services as well as those on personal budgets

Support we offer includes :

Housing- Helping our clients to understand all they need to know about their housing situation, their rights and what to expect from their Land Lord. Assisting them to settle in their new home and neighbourhood. We work with a specialist housing provider who can provide supported accommodation to meet individual needs. Tenants are encouraged and supported to decorate their bedrooms to their own taste and bring their personal belongings.

Living Skills- laundry, ironing, gardening, cooking, personal care, shopping ,cleaning, paperwork, travelling

Managing Finances-paying bills, savings, budgeting, claiming and collecting benefits

Community participation and Social life -support to find out and access services local to them including employment, education, social and community activities, holidays

Reasons to choose us:

We have a team of kind and caring staff who will go above and beyond to ensure you live the life you want with freedom of choice, treated with dignity and respect. We provide a flexible and responsive service to meet your needs and wishes to give you peace of mind. We will always go an extra mile to ensure you maintain your independence and life style. We will listen to every word you say, even ones not said out loud. At Siban Ltd we will only deliver a level of care that we would expect for our own families and friends. We only use staff who are well trained, have the right attitude and temperament and are capable to offer high quality care. Our staff will always treat you or your loved ones with dignity and respect and will always listen and respond to all your needs.  We are CQC Regulated and have been rated as Good on all categories we were assessed on.


We accept referrals from anyone which includes local authority, services users, families, social workers and other healthcare professionals. We are able to support people who need to be rehoused to suitable accommodation  and to those who already have accommodation


A full costing is provided before finalising any decisions. Each person’s package costing is based on their individual needs

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