Sitting Service

Sitting Service

Siban LTD provides a sit in service, length of time as you wish. Cover can be provided on a regular daily basis or it can be organised on an ad-hoc basis as required. Siban LTD will always be available should your main carer need a holiday or a night out. This can be a sleeping night staff ,who will need to have  a separate sleeping area within call of the person being cared for. Our care worker will need  a bed , however they will be on hand in case of emergency or if assistance needed with toiletry needs etc.

This can also be  a waking night, with staff who will provide support and care throughout the  night or  respond to any calls during the night, and always on hand to give  re-assurance. Our carer will be awake all night to attend to the needs of our Service User. This service includes  help with toiletry needs, changing bedding, promoting continence, support with medication, the calling out of other services if required eg GP,  District Nurses or ambulance

  • Daytime Sit

    We provide this service for companionship. We can make food and drinks for you. We can just sit with you and keep you company or go out with you to a place of your choice, play social games, walk your dog together, teach you new skills, what ever you like.

  • Assistance With Meals

    Siban Ltd will provide a meal service to cover breakfast, lunch and tea, as required. Our care workers are trained to prepare nutritious and well balanced meals, pleasant to the eye and very enjoyable to eat. The client will be given the meal they desire that can be prepared in the given time. Our staff will be available to encourage and help the client eat if needed, making sure they have adequate food and drink intake.

  • Domestic Cleaning

    Siban Ltd also offer household cleaning. We will vacuum, dust and polish up, wash up and mop floors. We will ensure your bathroom is kept clean and everywhere else in your hour house. We will also happily do your laundry and ironing.

  • Shopping / Pensions / Paying Bills

    Siban Ltd staff will happily help with your shopping, what ever your shopping needs. We will also encourage clients that are able to do so to join in shopping trips. We will help put all your shopping away. Your finances will be well managed as per your care plan, with every penny accounted for .All transactions will be recorded with receipts available. We will pay your bills if you want us to, collect prescriptions, pensions, etc.

  • Medicine Prompts

    Siban Ltd will ensure that clients that need prompts to take medication are given the necessary support to take their medication at the right times.

  • Available 24 Hours A Day

    With a staff member available 24 hours a day to provide care and support to our clients who prefer to live at home. Our goal is for you to have total peace of mind, to feel happy and safe in your own home.

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